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You're doing great! The more you tell me  the better I can serve your needs (or refer you to someone that's a better fit). Almost done now so keep going-

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-You're ready to take action and grow outside of your comfort zone
-You're open to feedback and willing to see life from a new perspective
-You are dedicated to learning because showing up fully is the best way to serve yourself and others.
-You stay curious as to how all that has happened up until now is leading you to your purpose *

Once your VIP discovery call is scheduled, you will receive all the details on how to access your call. Space is extremely limited and I am making a commitment to show up and be fully present for you. To confirm that you are making the same commitment in return, in the space below please type the following, ‘Yes, I promise to arrive on-time, open to new possibilities I never knew where possible, and coachable.’ *

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